Who Invented Jeans

When were jeans invented, who was the inventor of jeans, when was the invention of jeans? All intriguing questions needing an answer as jeans are worldwide accepted as a daily popular piece of clothing. The history of denim goes way back in history when the days were not the days we are experiencing in our nowadays world. Harsh conditions were the reason for inventing jeans. We all have one piece of denim in our closet so the question about the inventor of jeans is a very normal one.  We have a vast array of jeans at our disposal such as bootcut jeans, straight jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, jeggings amd 7/8-jeans.

So let’s first take a look at the history of denim and then get to the denim fabrics and its possibilities in our daily life.


History of Jeans

Who invented jeans</em> or in popular terms the <em>inventor of jeans</em> has been Levi Strauss the worldwide know name from the Levi’s Jeans brand. Before the invention of jeans Levi Strauss emigrated in 1847 from Germany to New York in order to start as a trader in the USA. After six years he has moved from New York to San Fransico where he opened a “dry goods” shop for the local people. The reason he emigrated to the West Coast were the all gold diggers flooding to that region looking for gold. Levi Strauss saw in a very early stage that these gold diggers should need proper and enduring clothing. He first started <em>manufacturing clothing</em> from canvas fabrics which appeared not a success and thus converting his total clothing line of pants into a collection of denim, a very strong type of fabric made from cotton. The mining workers were very fond of the strong denim trousers. Still the jeans did not become extremely popular due to the weak pockets. Levi Strauss received a letter of one of its tailors called Davis about using nails on the pockets creating an endurable fixation and user experience. Later on in 1873 the nowadays Levi’s Jeans was born made from the strong cotton fabrics and small nails on it. After the <strong><em>jeans invention</em></strong> a patent was attained for the fabric and it’s small nails.</p>

JEANS invention and then…

Back in history jeans became very popular at the working class such as the mineworkers, cowboys, farmers and railway workers. On all the denim pants there was a stitching of the letter “V” on the backpockets. This letter supposed to symbolize the wings of an eagle which was interpreted as a symbol of freedom. A few year later a label showing two horse were stitched on the back of the denim pants. Those horse changed into two horses trying to tear apart the two pipes of the denim pants showing the strength of the denim fabrics. Aronf 1890 all the Levi Jeans were given the number 501. This number represented the popular five pocket jeans and is still the most sold jeans today. In 1891 the patent on the jeans did end and the jeans pants became the most imitated pants in the world.


Working JEANS transformation

There was a serious shift in the usage of denim clothing from workwear towards casual daily wear in the twenties and thirties of 20th century. Jeans were seen a lot in cowboy films in those days spreading its popularity in daily clothing. Visitors of the movies wanted to look like the rough cowboys in the movies male and female. In the history of denim introduction in Europe came later on after the Second World War. Most American soldiers were wearing denim jeans in those days entering the European continent and did leave a lot of denim jeans once going back to the USA. Europeans wanted also to wear those strong and endurable jeans in the years to come.