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Clothing Branding ?

Nice to seen you on our website, your production partner for launching brands and scale ups in the clothing business. Starting a new brand or new collection is an intensive proces for the newly beginners and goes with a lot off criteria. 

We understand fully that as a beginner you are following your long lasting dream in setting up your own clothing label and therefore support your entrepreneurial spirit.

As a team we strive to help you throughout the whole proces in organising clothing manufacturers in Turkey.

Get ready for a lot of preparation before the first WOW effect creating apparels will be manufactured. Let’s start!


Techpack or Design details?

Whats is a TECHPACK? It’s simply a sheet with all the details per design. 

Cooperating with clothing manufacturers needs good preparation  which can make or brake your entrepreneurial success!

You will need to prepare some homework. A succesful collection does not come overnight…:) Details of design, fabric, labelling, prints and sizing charts are just a few to name.

These details per design can also be written simply in an excel sheet.

Please don’t hesitate in asking us how to get on the right track?  

TECH PACK-Turkey_clothing_manufacturers

Clothing Samples?

All new ideas have to put into a drawing (sketches) or computer designs in order to determine a preview.  Either you will have some physical samples available of the desired models or you will need to send us some drawings which we will use for making the first samples. Reproduction of your available physical samples is also a must.

Without a sampling of your collection starting production is simply not possible. Proof of concept is necessary.

Also fabric details have to be predetermined before a sample can be made. These details are a part of your techpack per design.

We as a Turkey Clothing Manufacturer can act a sample producer in the beginning. 


Starting production clothing collection?

After all the preparation and the Proof of Concept, we will make the final Proof of Production and send these models for your approval. 

Having received your final approval the production of the desired quantities will start. In case of made to order fabrics first we will start by giving the orders to the fabric producers before cutting will take place. If we will make use of existing stock fabrics the start of production will be quickly.

Deadlines are set and complications are communicated timely with the customer.

Don't know where to start?

Just send us an email and we will take you by the hand.