About Private Label Clothing

Have you ever wanted to design and manufacture your own clothing line? Private label clothing involves creating an entire collection of clothing from scratch, using your own unique designs. This portfolio will provide you with inspiration you need to launch and manage your own private label clothing line.

Choose a Product Niche and Design Your Clothing Line


Before you can start designing a private label clothing line, you need to decide on the type of product you’ll be selling. Consider your target market and determine which type of clothing they’re most likely to buy. Then, create unique designs that stand out from other brands in the same niche. Be sure to include plenty of detail in your designs, such as different cool-looking pockets or creative silhouettes.

Custom Clothing

IMPAQQT Clothing is mainly active in the manufacturing of clothing collections made of knitted fabrics such as: Sweater, hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts , trousers, jackets, jogging pants and shirts.


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